How to Decorate Restaurants’ Kitchen Walls With Wall Stickers

Your kitchen doesn’t have to simply be a workspace where meals are made: it can be a beautifully decorated area of your home, too! One of the best ways to do this is through the cheap and easily-applied wall stickers, but you may be wondering how to decorate kitchen walls with wall stickers.

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To decorate a space with wall stickers, consider finding a pleasing wall space that will fit the stickers of your choice. Then, after making sure that the space is clean and measuring it, tape the decal to the wall, mark out where you want the final sticker, and remove the paper backing to apply it.

In this article, we will cover where to decorate your kitchen using wall stickers and how to apply them!

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Where to Decorate the Kitchen Walls With Wall Stickers

Finding the perfect spot in your kitchen for new wall stickers is important. Nobody likes to buy a brand new wall decal only to find that it doesn’t fit in the space, or worse, clashes with the rest of your room! To find the perfect place for decorating your kitchen with wall stickers, consider these steps:

  • Look for a bare wall or a blank stretch of wall – Placing a sticker in an area that already has a picture from or other wall decoration nearby can make the spot look cluttered and distract from your sticker. Find a blank space, instead!
  • Look at the color of your wall – If you pick a colorful wall sticker, chances are, it may not go with the wall color of your kitchen. Consider taking a paint sample with you to the store when you go to pick out a sticker, and match the perfect colors before buying!
  • Look at the colors of your kitchen décor – When you pick out a sticker, it is important to make sure it doesn’t clash with your kitchen décor. For example, if you have farm-style salt shakers and decorative plates, a sticker that is modern and sleek might not work with that style.

How to Apply Wall Stickers

Applying wall stickers is intimidating: if you mess up, you may be stuck with a configuration that looks silly, or worse, you may accidentally tear the sticker! Check out this gem and find these steps below to apply your wall stickers correctly:

  1. Clean your selected space –  All walls naturally gather a fine layer of dirt and oil, but your kitchen is especially susceptible to gathering tiny food debris that will make it hard for stickers to stay in place! Clean the surgace with a damp sponge and a tiny amount of soap, then let it dry thoroughly!
  2. See how it looks before sticking – Before you remove the paper backing and expose the stickiness of your sticker to the wall, hold it up to the space you’re going to put it in. In fact, you can even tape the sticker to the wall to be sure it is placed where you want it. Then you can adjust at your leisure until the placing is perfect!
  3. Make a final decision – Take a pencil and carefully, lightly mark your wall so that you know where you want your sticker when it’s all over. This way, when it is time to remove the paper backing, you’ll still know exactly where the sticker goes on the kitchen wall!
  4. Stick the sticker to the wall – This part takes a lot of concentration. Carefully remove the paper backing, then, with your arms outstretched evenly, begin lowering the sticker onto the guidelines you drew with the pencil. 
  5. Remove air bubbles – This part can be done with a squeegee or a ruler. Simply smooth the surface of your sticker firmly, starting from one end and moving gradually to the opposite end of your sticker. This pushes air bubbles to the outer edge until they’re gone, and you’re left with a beautiful wall decoration! here is a post for DIY installing the stickers.
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In summary, placing wall stickers doesn’t have to be intimidating. Simply make sure your space is the right color and size for the sticker of your choice, and then clean it of the oil and debris a kitchen can accumulate. Then, after making sure you know where you want the sticker using measurements and a pencil marker, apply the sticker and remove the air bubbles!

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