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Five steps to opening a restaurant

Many people who have never worked in the restaurant business have a dream of opening their own restaurant and saying goodbye to the life of a social animal. So how do you start a restaurant from scratch? There are roughly five steps.

The first step: positioning

Positioning is the key to determine. Restaurants can choose from countless categories, snacks, fast food, hot pot, barbecue, Western food, Hunan cuisine, farming and so on. Different categories corresponding to different user groups, customer unit prices are also different. Choose a category that you are familiar with and good at is much critical. When doing category positioning, you can first do market research. Becareful of some market which is already a sea of blood.

Step two: site selection

After the positioning is done, then enter the site selection process. If the positioning is a snack, you can look at the pedestrian street, underground entrance and other high traffic flow of the road. If the positioning is fast food, you can choose a site in a mature community and do familiar customers. If it’s a formal meal, it’s time to move closer to the big shopping areas. Although it is said that the positioning means life and death, but the wrong choice of location are also very important. Site selection is a physical job, which can not be rushed.

Step 3: Design

After the address is chosen, we need to decorate. Decorating to be what style? Natural design, a good design can add a lot of points for the shop. We helped a fast food restaurant to do a tide style design. After the renovation landing, customer traffic has not been short. It’s the design that catches the eye of the user. Other restaurants do not pay attention to this piece. We pay much attention to design, so the traffic will naturally come to us.

Step 4: Decoration

Try to make the job of design and construction to be one company, otherwise the effect and design may be different. In addition to the decoration style, you’d better do a good job in advance of the budget. I have a friend opening a restaurant, and found the design and building have spent 80% of the overall budget. After the promotion, the budget was left little. After the opening, the purchase of ingredients are to be deducted from the user experience, which is very bad for long.

Step 5: Open for business

Officially open for business before the first few weeks of trial business time, grinding under the ordering and delivery of food t, and so the grinding almost. You can plan a few activities to open for business. If the taste of the food is more satisfied with the user, the opening days through the activities to attract new customers. If the new vistors become repeat customers, the shop’s business will have a play.

The five steps are simple to say, but not easy to do well. Dining is a hard-working line. If you are not a hard-working person, you should be careful to choose this line.

Check this video for more infomation on how to open a restaurant

If you’re starting a small business, startup, or joining the food and beverage industry (cafe bar ice cream shop pizza shop CPG etc), the first thing people will tell is to write a business plan. But what is so important about a business plan? There are several reason: to help you have a clear picture of your business, set key milestones and goals, a plan you can refer back to, and more.

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